Are YOU Tired? 
Tired Of Waiting...?
Waiting For Something 
(Or Someone) 
To Change So You Can Get Your "Happy Ever After?"

Tired Of Wanting...?
Wanting More. 
(But Beginning to Lose Hope.)

Tired of Wasting...?
Precious LIFEtime.
(And You're Not Getting Any Younger!)

Tired of Wishing...?
(Wishing that things were different.)

Are YOU Seeking?
Seeking Greater...



I Understand.

It's that exhausting feeling of...


 "Not Enoughness."

Feeling Stuck...

Unclear Of Purpose.

Disconnected. Disengaged. 

AND Lacking Trust... 

I Get It. 

I felt this for over a DECADE!

Until I Uncovered The TRUTH That Changed Everything...

Because WAITING Wasn't Working! 

In Fact, Waiting Will ULTIMATELY Cost YOU The 


The Valuable LIFE...TIME You'll Never Get Back!
There IS A S.O.L.UTION...

Join Other Dear Souls (Women Like You) Who Are Getting Their


— WITHOUT Years Of Expensive Therapy 

Trying To "Fix" Themselves.

Feeling Insecure. Not Good Enough. 



Or Wasting Another Minute Of Their Lives WAITING — 


(Even If You Feel Tired, Alone, Stuck, And Unclear About What YOU Truly WANT!)


    I'm Honored to Personally Invite YOU to... 

    A 4-DAY FOR LIFE, deep dive, total immersion S.O.L. TRAINING that will transform your life from the inside out, so you can fully engage with your heart and
     SIP ON...
    •  LIFE — Recreating your day to redesign your life.
    •  CERTAINTY — Rediscovering and remembering who you are.
    • ABUNDANCE — Redefining your resources and seeing your wholeness.
    • MOVEMENT — Restoring and reawakening the HOPE that's in you.
    • PURPOSE — Receiving the adventure and results that await you.

      "I have been to so many retreats and therapies. I even spent one day a week for an entire year with a therapist and tried other life coaches. NOT ONE can compare to the transformation that happened to me when I spent four magical days with Dr. Shannon. The accommodations were amazing, and the food was incredible...If you have EVER felt stuck, like you don't know what to do or who to turn to, I have the answer for you!! S.O.L.DATE C.A.M.P.... This will absolutely give you the tools you need to transform your life, your body and soul! Come learn from the best. If this was taught in schools, our world would be a kinder place." 
      — Tracey G.

      Dear SELF, 

      "This journey you have taken yourself on has been your new beginning. Your rebirth, your born soul of Truth, Love, Peace, and Harmony in one united soul. 

      Before C.A.M.P. and this journey you were angry, depressed, and felt worthless, lifeless (like a dead inside woman.) 

      How does that feel? 

      I don’t know cause I’m not that person, that woman, anymore! I’m a new, reborn, strong, loving to myself, woman who has love for her, her, her. 

      She vowed to give herself love before anyone else. To have her first and foremost. I breathe life with my temple, my body, which I dedicate to nourish inside and out, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically! 

      If one word could describe how you felt when you came here that word would be “Dead!” 

      Now you are life worth living! 

      What C.A.M.P. has meant to me words cannot truly describe. 

      I’ve been searching for over the past 40 years, my whole life. I found that finally after this long, painful journey I called life. 

      Journaling is my new weapon. My pen is my sword that I used to cast off my demons. 

      That image of being on fire, burning inside me. I don’t like her, but instead of keeping her locked in, I’m going to let her out when she appears angry, and talk to her to make her feel at peace instead of ignoring her and fueling her. 

      Without having the tools, knowledge, and drills that Dr. Shannon has given so graciously, I would not be the warrior woman I am today. 

      My promise to you(me) is to nourish my body with the foods to fuel it. The meditation everyday to bring peace to it, and the physical exercise to strengthen it to support my daily activity and what we call life and life’s work well, with abundance. 

      C.A.M.P. — Certainty, Abundance, Movement, and Purpose! Give God praise for His guidance and answered prayers."

      Love, Marie 

      "From the cocoon on the first day to the 'freed' butterfly soaring. From doubting and anticipating, to full participation. JUST when I thought I experienced it all, there was another experience around the next turn that was mind blowing. Life changing. Breathing new life in me. I am forever changed! I have found my voice..." 
      — Mary S.
      Dearest SELF,

      "So here we are at the beginning of the new “before!” The journey, the process, God’s plan. It’s all in his timing.

      Before I came to C.A.M.P. I felt so much pain, hurt, anguish, and defeat. Every area of my life was being affected by these over powering feelings and thoughts. The way I talked to myself and treated myself was so abusive. Constantly beating myself down, full of the victim story, looking for the next ball or bomb to drop. Not fully living, just being stuck. I did feel like giving up and contemplated it many times. I was just going through the motions! Scared to see what the next day would bring for challenges I felt so defeated before the day began.

      When I arrived in Tulsa I was nervous!

      I wasn’t sure how others would see me, if I would be judged for what I was. It was clear after the first hour that things would be just fine, and the trust was already there. 

      Each day of C.A.M.P. I have had ahas, different breakthroughs, emotional baggage checked, and sent off never to return.

      I felt lighter as our time together went on.

      The boxing was super powerful for me. Releasing some, or most, of the anger I felt built up, the hurt. It felt so good to release that and let it go.

      I realized I am not my divorce. It happened, and I will move forward. My stroke happened, losses happened, life happened.

      I learned tools to continue to help me grow.

      C.A.M.P. — Certainty, Abundance, Movement, Purpose.

      I learned I am great when I make a commitment. I know I need to look at my desires and decide — commit and make a GO-ALL. This makes me feel so powerful, so calm, so indestructible! Unwavering!

      I have confidence I’m going to love with growth in mind daily. Julisa, remember you are/I AM brave, strong, determined, a warrior, a S.O.L. SISTER, a woman of faith, and you are on a new journey full of growth and happiness. I believe you. I believe in you. I trust you."

      I love you, Julisa.  

      "S.O.L.DATE C.A.M.P. has transformed and changed my life. It was so amazing in every area of my life — physical, spiritual, mind. My eyes were opened to how I've been paralyzed by fear.... I feel my heart has been released. Every exercise, etc. we did touched my heart, opened my eyes, set me free — free to love, to just be! I feel lighter. It's just amazing. I loved all the adventures, and being challenged. I realized how strong I am. I am possible."
      — Dawn K.

      Dear Sweet SELF,

      "Breathe! These past 4 days have been a game changer. My purpose, mission, values are more clear now than they have been. I set out to find, receive the gift God has put me on earth for, and its lead. I am led! I have accepted the gift and I am open to leading in all forms. ALL WAYS!!

      I am meditating, asking, and receiving my values. That hazy cloud I was stuck in has cleared. the light is me, my warriors are there standing with me, IN me. I am RECEIVING the light, warmth and beauty within me.

      I am standing as one whole body, mind, and soul. I am not alone, instead I am ALL ONE.

      C.A.M.P. for me is a super special time to connect with Jenni, disconnect from my busy life, work, family, friend, roles, and responsibilities. The C.A.M.P. gave me peace and quiet immediately, which gave me time to expand and grow. 

      C.A.M.P. bringing this energy into my heart and SOL holds a special place, as everyone deserves this opportunity to be challenged, pulled in a new direction, supported and connected to people.

      This C.A.M.P with Dr. Shannon has been in my heart since my first C.A.M.P. with her almost 17ish years ago, and I have shared that experience with so many people and participants in my camps through my work. To come back after all these years and be with Shannon and this team has expanded and touched my soul.

      The chapters to this new book are being written with truth, certainty, love, and purpose.

      Time to be gentle and kind to Jenni. I AM warrior, I AM power, I AM certain, I AM led, I am ALL ONE, I am S.O.L.DIER, I AM love.

      This transformation will have its up and downs after returning home, remember the truth. I spoke and the confidence I am feeling in continuing this journey, this battle of living my life’s work. Stand tall and enjoy those rays of light as they fill my heart and soul. I loved this C.A.M.P. and want to grow and learn more. So much more. 

      Love you girl! My gladiator!"

      "S.O.L.DATE C.A.M.P. has transformed me from the inside, out. It is okay to ask for what I want and need. The only way to receive is by asking! It has taught me acceptance of my core authentic self. I am blessed beyond measure. I showed up, and provision was made for me to go up. The provision fed my body and soul." 
      — Laura S. 

      "S.O.L.DATE C.A.M.P. transformed this wife of 23 years, with 5 kids, into a very CERTAIN, STRONG, STEADFAST CHICK! I am enough....This has brought the MOST value to me than ALL the conferences, retreats, conventions I've done — all wrapped into this S.O.L.DATE C.A.M.P. Trust the will be beyond moved. Bring people you love with you. Thank you, Dr. Shannon..." 
      — Dawn G. 

      Dear SELF,

      "Thank you for the gift of you for showing up — Body, Soul, Mind, and Spirit — at C.A.M.P. For asking what I need…what would it take for me to come to C.A.M.P.?

      How has the unclarity, uncertainty, commitment, judgmental old me served my life’s purpose well? What would it take to let the life giving, receiving, loving, truthful, honest, heart warming, honest, non-judgmental, ready at any moment, hard working, I can do it totally committed to my goALL, to live each day ALL IN — with no blame, no shame? That might look like doing the Daily4 and that’s it, the Daily4 “for now” will be my life’s purpose. From there it will expand my Body, Soul, Spirit, and Mind. That life in abundance will go from looking like being busy at every moment, to being still and silent, being.

      Remembering that what I see in others — that I might not appreciate — I can now ask myself how I'm doing that in my own life, and where I might be in judgment of Mary, and interrupting myself and not listening to Mary. Acknowledging that when I see it in "the neediness" of others, that I may being doing it to my own self.

      By the grace of God and my commitment to Mary, I will LIVE.

      My top 3 accepted values I find most important to me are Love, Truth, Commitment.

      And I leave my 3 unacceptable values under my fear, lies, hopelessness.

      The rock, the lies, the rock symbolizing the lies, it will take more than 4 days to rid the decades of lying, and that is ok. The evolution and transformation will lead to graduation when I expire. And leave it All on planet earth to be with loved ones in eternal happiness.

      Letting go of the pride and that I think I may have it all together. Or that I don’t need this, or asking myself why... why do I think I am so needy for so much help?

      I let go of any uncertainly or inadequacy about being at C.A.M.P. I let go of judgment — my old story about what others may be thinking of me. That is old, used, and left behind.

      Life’s purpose, zero paycheck, work, but valuing life, and living life with a love, truth, and commitment like never before.

      With all of Mary’s love and being in Jesus’ name, I leave you truth, love, commitment.

      I believe you. I believe in you and trust you. I love you."


      "I found out how strong I was emotionally, spirItually, and even physically.... Just like the have the water going to the 'waterfall,' it comes down with such force. It runs with giant rapids thinking it's finally free until it meets the bridge....The rapids have shrunk. The obstacles are gone and now the river flows in peace." 

      — Stephanie V.
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