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April 24 - 28, 2019 — Minneapolis
  • “Inspiring perspective, redefining life, and passionate truth equals powerful energy and healing.”
  • You’re about to experience an adventure in healing, unlike any other you’ve experienced. 
  • I'm honored to personally invite you to S.O.L.DATE C.A.M.P.... 
Here are your sacred details for 
 S.O.L.DATE C.A.M.P. 2019
A 4-DAY FOR LIFE, deep dive, total immersion S.O.L. TRAINING that will transform your life from the inside, out so you can fully engage in your life and SIP ON...
  •  CERTAINTY — Rediscover and remember who you are.
  • ABUNDANCE — Redefine your life and see its wholeness.
  • MOVEMENT — Restore and awaken the hope that's in you.
  • PURPOSE — Receive the adventure that awaits you.
  •  BONUS: Exclusive access to Online Date Yourself Well C.A.M.P. 
  • PLUS...
  •  BONUS: Exclusive Lifetime Access to the S.O.L.DATE SISTERHOOD Private Facebook Group —      Support + Communication + Connection + Strength + Sisterhood (You are NOT alone, dear soul!) (Priceless!)
  • BONUS: Exclusive S.O.L. Sanctuary Specials + First Access — For New S.O.L. Training + Promotions + C.A.M.P.S. + Events. (Invaluable!)
"I have been to so many retreats and therapies. I even spent one day a week for an entire year with a therapist and tried other life coaches. NOT ONE can compare to the transformation that happened to me when I spent four magical days with Dr. Shannon. The accommodations were amazing, and the food was incredible...If you have EVER felt stuck, like you don't know what to do or who to turn to, I have the answer for you!! S.O.L.DATE C.A.M.P.... This will absolutely give you the tools you need to transform your life, your body and soul! Come learn from the best. If this was taught in schools, our world would be a kinder place." 
— Tracey G.

"From the cocoon on the first day to the 'freed' butterfly soaring. From doubting, anticipating, to full participation. JUST when I thought I experienced it all, there was another experience around the next turn that was mind blowing. Life changing. Breathing new life in me. I am forever changed! I have found my voice..." 
— Mary S.

"S.O.L.DATE C.A.M.P. has transformed and changed my life. It was so amazing in every area of my life — physical, spiritual, mind. My eyes were opened to how I've been paralyzed by fear.... I feel my heart has been released. Every exercise, etc. we did touched my heart, opened my eyes, set me free — free to love, to just be! I feel lighter. It's just amazing. I loved all the adventures, and being challenged. I realized how strong I am. I am possible."
— Dawn K.

"S.O.L.DATE C.A.M.P. has transformed me from the inside, out. It is okay to ask for what I want and need. The only way to receive is by asking! It has taught me acceptance of my core authentic self. I am blessed beyond measure. I showed up, and provision was made for me to go up. The provision fed my body and soul." 
— Laura S. 

"S.O.L.DATE C.A.M.P. transformed this wife of 23 years, with 5 kids, into a very CERTAIN, STRONG, STEADFAST CHICK! I am enough....This has had the MOST value to me in ALL the conferences, retreats, conventions I've done — all wrapped into this S.O.L.DATE C.A.M.P. Trust the will be beyond moved. Bring people you love with you. Thank you, Dr. Shannon..." 
— Dawn G. 

"I found out how strong I was emotionally, spirItually, and even physically.... Just like the have the water going to the 'waterfall,' it comes down with such force. It runs with giant rapids thinking it's finally free until it meets the bridge....The rapids have shrunk. The obstacles are gone and now the river flows in peace." 

— Stephanie V.
A Note From Dr. Shannon  
WELL...COME, Dear Soul!

Thanks to all my dear S.O.L.DIERS (yep, that's what we call this elite group of women) who shared their powerful words about C.A.M.P., AND thank YOU for being here! 

For over twenty years, I’ve had the privilege of working with those who desire change — something else, something NEW. 

Whether it’s been with my Healing Life Coaching clients, S.O.L.DATE SISTERS, countless divorced hearts, patients at my private chiropractic practices and the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, students in my group fitness classes, or within myself, I’ve recognized a desire in the heart of every woman for GROWTH and ADVENTURE!

Is this YOU?

It’s a deep yearning for true love, acceptance, adventure, and a meaningful life. To be seen. To be heard. To heal. To love and be loved.

The need for healing is universal. Whether you suffer from feeling lost due to loss, the pain of desires unfulfilled, disappointment, disengagement, divorce, death, a broken heart, break up, or breakdown, you are not broken! 

You do not need to be fixed, only FOUND, uncovered, and discovered — to be reminded of the dear soul you truly are and of the creative healing power that lies within you. You are not only more than enough, you no longer need to carry the heavy burdens that are weighing you down. It’s your time to leave all that unnecessary baggage behind and be free! 

I invite you to join me in this S.O.L. Adventure of Feeling and Healing…ALL IN!

From my own personal experience with C.A.M.P., as well as LIFE — divorce, death, disengagement, and disappointment — I know that the unknown can feel very scary. This C.A.M.P. will help you become comfortable with that which you do not know. And it starts right here…

Your first step is to SAY YES and fully commit to going ALL IN, even if you DON’T know all of the specific details. 

It kinda sounds like LIFE, doesn't it? 

Yes, this C.A.M.P. is training for LIFE. 

The Healing Life Coaching that you’ll experience is the proven effective coaching and experiential learning that I do with my clients over a period anywhere from 12 weeks to 12 months.

It will be all that, and much more! Not to mention, we’ll be doing it over the course of 4 full days! It will be specifically geared toward creating Certainty + Abundance + Movement + Purpose in all areas of your life, which has a miraculous way of healing your distant, disengaged, divorced heart and soul, and/or YOUR LIFE. (Even if you’ve never been divorced.)

You may feel like you're life's not that bad. Maybe it's good, but not great. Perhaps you're suffering from the depression of DENIAL? 

Or you're feeling the pain of a disengaged heart and soul in certain areas of your life, including your physical body. 

Or perhaps you may be thinking, “But my heart’s not divorced,” or, “My heart was broken, but that was many years ago.” Whether it was broken years ago, or just a few months ago…I’m here to help you feel the unfelt and heal the undealt. (Yep, I made that one up. It's all that stuff that you've been pushing down or away for another day because you're too busy taking care of everything and everyone on the outside — doing your best to simply keep it together.) 

But inside, you feel like you're drowning — and you know it.

Out of the heart flows the issues of life. If the heart is drowning — distant, denied, disappointed, disengaged, and/or divorced — then life is fragmented, disconnected, and feels incomplete. But it doesn’t have to be and it doesn’t have to take years for you to heal, to reconnect, and to feel whole, healthy, and happy again.

I’m certain this adventure in healing will be unlike any other Intensive Care process that you have ever experienced. The methods I teach have personally healed my heart (more than once) and they've also done the same for many other women.

Please note that I am not a counselor, licensed mental health professional, psychologist, or psychiatrist, but I am a Healing Life Coach: a coach and healer — a woman who has personally healed from the inside, out…and helped countless others do the same.  

I don’t lead or teach from concepts I've read in a book. I share powerful, profound, personal, and professional experience that has worked in my own life + life's work, as well as the lives of my clients.

WHY C.A.M.P.?  
After personally attending my own C.A.M.P. experience over 20 years ago, the powerful healing presence that I encountered under the electrifying South African moon in 2012 is what forever shifted my life. It was so effortless, so easy, and so NATURAL! 

It was in that moment that I realized I had tapped into a force that was so much bigger than I had ever imagined. It was the force of a certain, divinely inspired, and abundant idea…mixed with momentous movement that seemed not by accident but, contrarily, on purpose. It was an adventurous, profound force. I felt so spontaneously alive, light, and free — I was naturally being me. It was beyond miraculous!

Suddenly, my heart released the heaviness of what once was and embraced the lightness of what is. It happened with no words, and no whining, but simply with wisdom from the clear and certain silence within. I immediately began releasing the past to make room for my newly redefined vision of abundance.

For many years I have led others in the process of Certainty + Abundance + Movement + Purpose…but it’s time to go deeper than ever before. I have a vision, and I intend to share it with as many other women around the world who will embrace it. Thanks for being one of them — A S.O.L.DIER. ☺ 

Thank you for trusting me to be your guide in this SACRED S.O.L. ADVENTURE!

Whether you’ve lost yourself, lost someone you love, or lost that loving feeling…there’s so much to be discovered, and so much to love again — YOU and YOUR LIFE. RIGHT NOW! 

Wait no longer for that someday when you will make YOU and YOUR LIFE a priority, unconditionally love YOU, YOUR LIFE + LIFE’S WORK, or that day when you will magically wake up happy. 

Happiness isn’t something we wake up with, but wake up to. It happens when you wake up to the possibilities that lie within you, and the truth about who you really are.

This is your time, ____(insert your name here)____, to invest in YOU!  

I guarantee that you are worth every penny. You’ve already invested a lot of YOU into a life that you would rather not live, so how about focusing on the life you desire and choose to create, love, and live?

This C.A.M.P. may not change your life, but it will transform and change YOU…from the inside, out. This is what healing is all about, and that has the power to change everything.  

If you’re a woman who desires CERTAINTY + ABUNDANCE + MOVEMENT + PURPOSE in all areas of your life — a deep revelation and healing within your heart and soul — then you’re ready for the adventure that awaits you.  


- Are looking for a "get-fixed-quick scheme."
This is the beginning of a life-long practice of CERTAINTY + ABUNDANCE + MOVEMENT + PURPOSE.

- Are "interested." 
I'm looking for those who are COMMITTED to taking the next step. And another. And another.

- Are fearless. 
Nope, being a little bit SCARED is required to transform SCARED into SACRED. 

- Are willing to wait for things to change. 
If "waiting" worked, you'd already be living the life you dream of. Waiting and wanting don't work, but PURPOSEFUL WORK does. Not by accident. On purpose. With CERTAINTY + ABUNDANCE + MOVEMENT + PURPOSE.

This is what creates NEW MOVEMENT in your life that will take you into your happy ever after.


This is YOUR TIME, Dear Soul.

The time is NOW. 

I promise to do everything in my power to lead you to the CERTAINTY + ABUNDANCE + MOVEMENT + PURPOSE
you've been seeking so you can HEAL + LOVE YOUR LIFE + LIFE'S WORK WELL!

What do you say? Are you IN? I mean, ALL IN?


I look forward to speaking with you soon...

xo Dr. Shannon + TEAM

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